5 Signs that You Need a Roof Replacement

5 Signs that You Need a Roof Replacement - All Built Right Exteriors
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The roof of a home acts as a protective shield for you and your family. It withstands harsh weather effects and saves you from potential risks. As it takes care of us, we also need to pay attention to its regular maintenance. A timely home inspection Roseville MN and maintenance can enhance the longevity of the roof making it prepared to face severe consequences of the weather. 


Failing to maintain it can cause severe roof damage during the storm season leading to hampering the security of your home. However, observing some warning signs of a deteriorating roof can help to tell that your roof needs a replacement. Timely action can minimize the risk of more damage and enhance better safety for you and your family members. 

5 Potential Signs That Your Roof Needs a Replacement

Let us break out some warning signs to look out for the need for a roof replacement.

A Leaking Old Roof

An old roof can be badly damaged after a hail storm leading to constant leaking. It can harm your family’s security, invaluable belongings, and the interior of the house. However, you can also opt for the repairing option. But if your roof is 15-20 years old, only repairing it would not work well. It can provide temporary safety to your home.


So, it is better to call a roofing St Paul expert in case of leaking. They can thoroughly inspect your roof and observe if the roofing material is decaying. With their expertise and years of experience, they will help you to decide on a roof replacement or just a repair. 

Cracked or Curled Shingles

Some visible signs of shingles damage can indicate the roof replacement. Check them thoroughly if they have been curled or have some cracks. However, make sure that the roof is safe to be on. If you can safely stand on it then head for further inspection. Otherwise, call an expert contractor immediately in case you see a sagging roof.

Missing Roofing Material

Spotting missing roofing materials is an easy way to decide on the replacement. If you identify several shingles missing, it is a strong sign of an aged roof. You should not miss out on it. Making an informed decision within time can alleviate the potential risk of affecting your family’s safety. Contact a roofing expert near you to ensure more security in your home. With their exceptional workmanship, they can efficiently install a new roof enhancing its durability and functionality. 

Moss Growth

If you find moss or other vegetation on your old roof, you should not delay its replacement. The reason for moss development is the lack of proper sunlight on your roof which results in holding moisture and its growth. If it remains there for a long time, it can cause shingles surface damage. 


However, you can brush it off but brushing can not remove them permanently. There is a high chance that algae can develop there again. Firstly, you can get in touch with a roofing expert and then decide if your roof needs a replacement or just proper maintenance. 

Excessive Granule Loss

If the granules are of high quality or installed correctly, the chances of excessive loss decrease. Whereas, low-quality materials and installation can cause loss of granules over time. If you observe it around the downspouts for gutters, you should not wait for the replacement. Search online by simply typing the best roofing contractor near me and find the best solution to get state-of-the-art roof repair or replacement. 

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